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One Good Deed Per Day

Many times when asked, “When was the last time you did something for someone that is really enriching and self-satisfaction for yourself ?”, I wasn’t able to recall.

However, today I just did something really insignificantly simple but makes myself really good.
You see, this morning I was at a coffee place near my home for my breakfast and the place is really crowded with people. But the shop is under staffed with only one old man running around taking orders. Seeing this, I decided to go to the counter and “self-service” my orders (making it faster as I am in a bit of a rush).

After ordering, I took my food and coffee and sat myself down at the nearest table close to the ordering counter and continue seeing the Old Uncle hurrying around taking orders, delivering them and back to placing orders again.

There was this gentleman that was sitting next to the table beside me and has ordered a cup of coffee from the Uncle. When the coffee was prepared, the Uncle was running around the shop, coffee in hand, forgetting who has placed the order. He was kind of tired and exhausted with the morning “exercise” running around the shop serving customers.

So, I simply waved to him and pointed to the gentleman that has ordered the coffee. Thinking that I wanted to place my orders too, the Old Uncle walked towards me, cup of coffee still in his hand.

When he approaches me, I simply said to him – “Uncle, this is the gentleman that ordered his coffee.” He suddenly realised what I am trying to do and nodded with a faint and exhaustive smile back to me. Appreciating that he does not have to go around finding the customer for the coffee.

To me, it was a simple and small deed that does not require much effort but it gave me great satisfaction that by doing so, I have helped the Uncle and make his job a little easier. It is such moments that reminded us that all of us can make the world a better place by doing one good deeds per day. It does not need to be really heroic, not something that has to be really impactful and need to be involved in some kind of volunteer organisation, IT CAN SIMPLY BE – helping a fellow human being that is in need at that moment. Something like helping someone crossing the road, helping someone that is carrying too many stuffs, helping someone that needs a seat on the public transport.

Such simple good deeds can be really effortless, but it really does give a warming feeling to the one that is “Giving”, as well as someone that is “Receiving”. So – “When is the last time that you remember yourself doing something good for someone ?” “Have you done something good for someone today?”

One Good Deed Per Day

One Good Deed Per Day

Let Your Good Deeds Be Like The Rain

Let Your Good Deeds Be Like The Rain


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There are so many occupations and services in this world that people take for granted. More often that not, we forgot that these people are just like us – earning a honest living, trying to make ends meet. Fast food delivery crews are just one of them. They risked their lives on the road so that the food we ordered reached us still hot and crispy, just like it has just been taken out from the oven. So next time if you ordered home food delivery, remembering to tip the people who deliver your food because it directly affects how much they make. So when delivery people get slighted, it’s a big deal.

Here is one heartwarming story :

For one pizza delivery man in Oregon, a terrible tip turned into a heartwarming story.

Andrew Schaffer recently received a tiny tip on a $22.67 order. But instead of getting upset, the Portland resident took the $0.33 pizza delivery tip and went on his way.

The next day, Schaffer, who delivers pizzas to help pay for school, got a pleasant surprise: The couple who gave him $23, Tom and Jenn, realized they botched the math and wanted to make sure Schaffer was adequately compensated. So they handed his manager an envelope that read “To the driver who delivered our pizza last night around 9 p.m. – A thank you note.”

Inside, Schaffer found a card handed to him by his manager :

This is the card that was drop off by the couple.
Pizza Tip Note

And though it wasn’t a cupcake inside, there was an equally awesome note.
Pizza Tip Note 2

“It really made my day! Tips make up about two-thirds of my income, which pays for school for me, so I remember who tips and who doesn’t,” Schaffer wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “The $20 was much appreciated, but the obvious time and effort put into making the card and hand delivering it meant even more.”

It just goes to show that sometimes a thank you goes a long way. So please pass this story around and inspire someone that you cared for !!! Have a great day everyone !!!


How To Take Great Holiday Photos

PartyIt can be easy to take great party photos if you follow some simple guidelines.

Use a Digital Camera. A digital camera is ideal because it gives you the chance to see your pictures before you print them. You’re free to take as many pictures as you want, and you can even manipulate the size, zoom, crop, darken, switch from color to black and white, soften, sharpen, brighten or remove redeye after you’ve taken a picture. You can delete anything not wanted, too, without wasting the money for developing or printing bad shots.

Variation. Take candid as well as posed shots. Circulate around the party, and get shots of people interacting and participating in party activities. Capture expressions and body language. Get tight shots and shots from a distance. Also get shots from a low level, especially if taking pictures of kids, and from above. Don’t always center the focus of attention, but allow the surroundings to be featured in the picture. Often a good picture has the main feature on one side, while also including the setting. Variation will give a better overall record of the party itself.

Lighting. A rule of thumb is to have the sun, or main source of light, behind you, the photographer. That way, it’s not behind the subject, causing the subject’s face to be in the shadows if they are lit from behind. Let the flash be on automatic if you’re not an expert. The camera can tell when there is enough light. A flash is only good up to about 10 feet, so don’t expect to light a group shot with a flash if you’re farther away than that.

Multiple Shots. If your camera has a “burst” feature, use it sometimes, especially during posed shots, because the right shot with nobody blinking or frowning might be the third in a rapid sequence. Especially with kids, the burst feature can be a picture saver. If you don’t have burst, be sure to take a bunch of shots quickly yourself before moving on to the next picture.


Some good video sharing websites

Watch, Upload & Share Video Online

Offering movies to video-sharing sites are often thriving ways to build site visitors for a web site and thus will traditionally raise your conversion rates. And, you may know that you can actually increase your list by acquiring individuals to opt in to find out your company movies.

The trick could be acquiring those individuals to go visit your movies. Areas methods to enable:

Say ‘it is completely free’

Explain to your company prospective customers that your video is free to enjoy. Surely, that is pretty general, but a great deal of people today forgets to mention the fact that.

That you can tell them that it really is 100% free of charge and there is no sign up form to decide it and they could have a look at the video.

If your Sites For Video Sharing is free of charge they have to opt-in to see it all, tell them that up front mainly because a great deal of folks will receive mad with that.

Opt-In for Certainly no 2

Explain to your prospective customers that the first online video medium is free to look at they should opt-in for your list to follow the second one on line. It may be that you choose to be launching a list of videos or you are likely to be dividing a long Video sharing online into smaller parts.

Just make certain you initial movie will convince them to opt-in to check out down the page one. You also could ask them to invite a few mates utilizing a ‘tell a thus friend’ code to see the subsequent picture. Show to them they might always unsubscribe eventually if they don’t need to be on your own number.

Lots of Ideas

Inform your potential customers that there have been numerous views to your video. Surely, use the specific is make it more detailed. Personals will see that that certain folks can’t be wrong with regards to your video and it is obviously a well-liked subject that they need to study more about.


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Movies that run successfully in theaters and which are played once in television can create a craze in the mind of viewers. There are many people who would love to watch some movies over and over again. These are highly entertaining and hold the interest of viewers. It is possible to watch movies that are released though DVDs and VCDs, but latest movies are not released as soon as the movie is released in the theatre.
There are some of the sites available which gives you the access to the latest movie clips. This can tickle your sense and can create interest in you which will finally lead you to the theatre and you would prefer to send some money on the ticket. But, apart from visiting the theatre, it is also possible for you to watch the latest movies on the computer and all this is possible through internet.
Streaming is the kind of technology that the website helps to play movies. With the help of this technology it is possible to play the movie on user’s computer and it is delivered from storing server. This can easily reduce the download time and the movie will get started at any moment. Watch latest movies videos on your computer without taking the pain of going out of your home.
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