Success is To Be Self Responsible

No One Owes You For The Success That You Want To Achieve

Last week I had some down-time with so many things happening around me that I got distracted and lose focus. With a flu to add on, making things worst than it already is. Which is why, today I finally picked up the pieces and get my butt off the self depreciating mode to pen some catching up on what I could have done to make a bad situation better.

Borrowing a quote from Les Brown, a motivational speaker, former Ohio politician, popular author, radio DJ, and former host of The Les Brown Show.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” – Les Brown

His words came aptly in the most appropriate time when I was having some doubts running through my mind.

In his book on Self Motivation, one key points he mentioned is “Self- Mastery”.

One must never be satisfied with yourself to be less than secondary, work on yourself continuously. The difference between human beings and animals is the ability to invest their time and effort in pushing the human limits to pursue their goals and dreams. A dog can’t be anything but a dog, a tree can’t be anything but a tree.

Human beings have got unlimited potential, you can put effort on you, and by concentrating on you and developing this potential, anyone can transform their life no matter where they are right now.

If It is Easy, Then May Be It Is Not Worth It

If It is Easy, Then May Be It Is Not Worth It

It Is Not How Good You Are, But How Good You Want To Be.

It Is Not How Good You Are, But How Good You Want To Be.

Feel free to share with me your ups and down so that we can support each other and work towards our potential.


26 Luckiest Moments Captured On Tape (Part 2)

Last week we have seen 13 luckiest people caught on tape, today is the second part of the “Luckiest moments captured on tape”. Such news sometime will set people wondering – is there really someone out there that is keeping watch on us ? Now that is some profound questions that you have to ponder deeply in order to get your answer – this has nothing to do with what kind of religion you believed in or any scientific logic that you can verified on, you just have to look deep within yourself to find the answer.

14) This could end differently. Lesson – Look both ways when crossing.


15) Still have to look before you cross. Even at a zebra-crossing.


16) Pinball or basketball ? You decide.


17) That was a close shave.


18) Ditched or Crash


19) Flipped and land ? Is that his real intention ?


20) VVIP seats for a F1 race anyone ?


21) Missed by a mili-second.


22) Wow….that is some riding skills.


23) Do not try this yourself !!


24) Be careful who you have invited for dinner.


25) What could be more exciting, than to throw in a stunt at a race ?


26) Now that is one lucky cameraman.


Please leave any comments or link for other luckiest moments you have.

Image Credits from : Buzzfeed