Table Tennis Man With No Hands – Nothing Is Impossible

Came acrossed this article about a table tennis player with no hands and curiosity got the better of me. So I googled for more video and information about this amazing man and his achievements.

Ibrahim Hamato, born in Egypt, has lost both his hands in an accident when he was just 10years old. As a boy, it was always his dream to play table tennis as a professional. However, three years after the accident, he wanted to play again by holding the paddle under his arm, but it didn’t work out. This did not stop the determined boy from pursuing his dream.

He then taught himself to hit the ball by holding the paddle with his mouth. And through sheer hard work and determined practices, he can now do the volley, top-spin and many other moves that could make abled-bodied amateur player to shame.

Hamato credit his achievements and inspiration to his wife in being able to allow him to find success in his table tennis where he is able to enjoy every point he win.

Nothing is Impossible for this man - Ibrahim Hamato

Nothing is Impossible for this man – Ibrahim Hamato

Watch Hamato videos here to see his amazing play :