By Changing Your Words, You Can Change Your World

Saw a Youtube video the other day and have left a lasting impression on my mind. It is amazing that how just a simple words of expression could virtually changed the perception of how others react. Watch the below video to see what I mean.

So remember, it costs you nothing by better phrasing your words – written or spoken, it will make someone’s life better or make others happier.

When Words Are Kind and True.

When Words Are Kind and True.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone.


Talent – Everyone Has It

Today I would like to discuss about talents. Borrowed straight from a quote -

“All of Us is talented in our unique way. We just need to recognise our capacity and develop our talents to their full potential.”


When we say talent, it need not be conformed to any particular activities – Music, Sports or Physical Strength…
It is simply doing what one can do best, like cooking, packing or just stacking of boxes.

All talent is a dreadfully cheap commodity, cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work and practise. (STEPHEN KING)

Talent hits a target no one else can hit ; Genius hits a target no one else can see. – Arthur Schopenhauer

Below are some videos of the world most talented “ordinary” people.

Discover your talent today !


Work – You Are Your Work Or You Work For Your Work ?

Want to start of the work week with something for everyone to think about and get thru this week.

We work for a living, to pay our bills, to have money to buy things we want, to save and build for a better future. But has anyone really stop for a moment and wonder – Are we our work ? Or are we working for WORK (because we need to) ? Undeniably, there are days that I feel hating to go to work, having to go through the work routine day in day out, waiting for the time to strike at six….But today is not the day !

Everyone can have a great working day – every day of the week, 365 days of the year, how ? “Perceptions” – find things that gives you simple enjoyment/achievement. It don’t have to be big, start with small little things, like the fragrant cup of coffee in the office pantry, simple compliments you get from your clients, nice messages you received from your email etc. Hold on to these small accomplishment and grab the happiness that comes with it. Build onto these and ignored those nasty remarks you may get. Because they are just – “NASTY” – remarks from unhappy people. Don’t let them get you down, you can have more than that !

Enjoy your work like it was a day at the PARK

Enjoy your work like it was a day at the PARK

Love Your Work

Love Your Work

Start Working For Your Dreams

Start Working For Your Dreams

Love What You Do & You Will Find That You Can Do Great Things

Love What You Do & You Will Find That You Can Do Great Things

So remember, No One Can Give You Happiness At Work, Only Yourself Can Make That To Happen.

Work Towards Your Success

Work Towards Your Success

Have a great week ahead everyone. Cheers !!


Inspirational Quotes 03 – Famous People Words

Great & Well-Known People’s Quote

Over the years, there are many inspirational quotes from well-known and great men, both past and present. Today it is an honour to remind and bring forward these timeless quotes that has inspired many….

Do what you Love and you will Love your day.

Steve Jobs

Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Walt Disney

Walt Disney

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Inspirational Quotes – 02

Inspirational Quotes

Continuing from my previous posting on inspirational images quotes. Today’s theme is “ACTIONS”

All dreams and achievement starts with actions. Without actions, dreams remains…..A DREAM ! As NIKE’s marketing slogan aptly puts it – “JUST DO IT”.

Start What Youu Have Started - From Your Dream

Start What You Have Started – Beginning with Your Dream

Time Wait for No One, Don't Wait.

Time Wait for No One, Don’t Wait.

Live For What You Believed In, Not What Others Beliefs.

Live For What You Believed In, Not What Others Beliefs.

The Grass is Not Always Greener At The Other Side. It Is Where  & How You Make It To Be Greener

The Grass is Not Always Greener At The Other Side. It Is Where & How You Make It To Be Greener

So Everyone, stop Procrastinating & Start Living !

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Inspirational Quote – Live Your Dream

Found some Inspirational Quotes and thought may be a good idea to share with everyone. Words itself may not be enough…..so I will just used the images instead. Cheers everyone !!

Dream !

Dream !

With your Dream, Start with Action

With your Dream, Start with Action

During your course of action, DO NOT STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF !!

During your course of action, DO NOT STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF !!

During the course of pursuing your Dream, Do Not Forget To Enjoy The Experience.

When pursuing your Dream, Do Not Forget To Enjoy The Experience.

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Notes Left Behind – A Story to be Learned

Came cross this website – http://www.notesleftbehind.com/ and it got me to go on a search for this inspirational story of the young girl that started it all.

The heartbreaking messages a six-year-old cancer victim hid for her family to find after she died.

Notes Left Behind is the true story of a six-year-old girl named Elena and her battle against brain cancer. In her last days she showed a community how to love and how to live. Written through the eyes of her parents, Keith and Brooke Desserich, as a remembrance for Elena’s younger sister, her daily story tells one of humility and inspiration as she lives each day, one at a time. In her short time she painted a masterpiece that would hang in an art museum, she accomplished a truly spectacular series of wishes that she alone created, and she inspired a cause that remains today to help children everywhere in their fight against brain cancer.

In Notes Left Behind, Elena’s parents struggle to resolve their contradictory impulses to both fight Elena’s cancer at all costs, and to realize the inevitable outcome that awaits their daughter. Through it all, they rediscover what it means to be a family and what it means to live. The journal is candid and sincere in its treatment of deeply personal and tragic events and is a reminder to parents everywhere to appreciate and savor every precious moment they have with their own children.

For the full story of Elena, visit : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1225419/Notes-left-Six-year-old-cancer-victim-Elena-Desserichs-heartbreaking-messages-love-family.html

And hope that you guys after watching and read this news, you can :

1) choose to play it forward and share the news around, or,
2) go to the website and order the book, or,
3) totally ignore this. Like what most are doing around the world – ignoring what is happening around them



Good deed – Is to do something right even when no one is watching.

Came across this wonderful news and thought to share with everyone :

A Miami Senior High School student Cristhian Reyes had his lost wallet but was returned by a total stranger with an unexpected condition attached.

Instead of asking for money in exchange for the wallet, the anonymous finder filled Reyes’ wallet with $20 apparently added and a note that read, in part: “I added $20 to it so you know the world is a great place. Do me a favor and when you get the chance, do something nice for someone else.”

Letter found

This act of kindness was committed by the stranger two days after Reyes, a high school senior, lost his wallet while attending opening day for the Florida Marlins.

In Reyes’ wallet, he had his high school ID, along with his driver’s license and $60 cash, tucked inside his wallet. When the man found the wallet, the $60 apparently was gone but Reyes’ high school ID was there – so the man brought the wallet, in an envelope along with the note, to Miami Senior High on Friday morning.

Would you have done the same thing if you are the one in the story to do the right thing and “pay it forward” ?

A good lesson on the real act of kindness.

Leave a comments or share any similar experience you may have. Thank you guys in advance.


Sportsmanship – Is it all about competitiveness ?

Where Sports meets Humanity !

Sports as everyone knows it, is all about competition and winners. But is there a place “in between” that includes humanity and true sportsmanship ? The 2014 World Cup is just around the corner and what better ways to show TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP in the below compilation of sports humanity video ?

And since we are at the topic of World Cup, thought you guys might like this “2014 World Cup Official Song”.

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26 Luckiest Moments Captured On Tape (Part 2)

Last week we have seen 13 luckiest people caught on tape, today is the second part of the “Luckiest moments captured on tape”. Such news sometime will set people wondering – is there really someone out there that is keeping watch on us ? Now that is some profound questions that you have to ponder deeply in order to get your answer – this has nothing to do with what kind of religion you believed in or any scientific logic that you can verified on, you just have to look deep within yourself to find the answer.

14) This could end differently. Lesson – Look both ways when crossing.


15) Still have to look before you cross. Even at a zebra-crossing.


16) Pinball or basketball ? You decide.


17) That was a close shave.


18) Ditched or Crash


19) Flipped and land ? Is that his real intention ?


20) VVIP seats for a F1 race anyone ?


21) Missed by a mili-second.


22) Wow….that is some riding skills.


23) Do not try this yourself !!


24) Be careful who you have invited for dinner.


25) What could be more exciting, than to throw in a stunt at a race ?


26) Now that is one lucky cameraman.


Please leave any comments or link for other luckiest moments you have.

Image Credits from : Buzzfeed