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There are so many occupations and services in this world that people take for granted. More often that not, we forgot that these people are just like us – earning a honest living, trying to make ends meet. Fast food delivery crews are just one of them. They risked their lives on the road so that the food we ordered reached us still hot and crispy, just like it has just been taken out from the oven. So next time if you ordered home food delivery, remembering to tip the people who deliver your food because it directly affects how much they make. So when delivery people get slighted, it’s a big deal.

Here is one heartwarming story :

For one pizza delivery man in Oregon, a terrible tip turned into a heartwarming story.

Andrew Schaffer recently received a tiny tip on a $22.67 order. But instead of getting upset, the Portland resident took the $0.33 pizza delivery tip and went on his way.

The next day, Schaffer, who delivers pizzas to help pay for school, got a pleasant surprise: The couple who gave him $23, Tom and Jenn, realized they botched the math and wanted to make sure Schaffer was adequately compensated. So they handed his manager an envelope that read “To the driver who delivered our pizza last night around 9 p.m. – A thank you note.”

Inside, Schaffer found a card handed to him by his manager :

This is the card that was drop off by the couple.
Pizza Tip Note

And though it wasn’t a cupcake inside, there was an equally awesome note.
Pizza Tip Note 2

“It really made my day! Tips make up about two-thirds of my income, which pays for school for me, so I remember who tips and who doesn’t,” Schaffer wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “The $20 was much appreciated, but the obvious time and effort put into making the card and hand delivering it meant even more.”

It just goes to show that sometimes a thank you goes a long way. So please pass this story around and inspire someone that you cared for !!! Have a great day everyone !!!


How To Take Great Holiday Photos

PartyIt can be easy to take great party photos if you follow some simple guidelines.

Use a Digital Camera. A digital camera is ideal because it gives you the chance to see your pictures before you print them. You’re free to take as many pictures as you want, and you can even manipulate the size, zoom, crop, darken, switch from color to black and white, soften, sharpen, brighten or remove redeye after you’ve taken a picture. You can delete anything not wanted, too, without wasting the money for developing or printing bad shots.

Variation. Take candid as well as posed shots. Circulate around the party, and get shots of people interacting and participating in party activities. Capture expressions and body language. Get tight shots and shots from a distance. Also get shots from a low level, especially if taking pictures of kids, and from above. Don’t always center the focus of attention, but allow the surroundings to be featured in the picture. Often a good picture has the main feature on one side, while also including the setting. Variation will give a better overall record of the party itself.

Lighting. A rule of thumb is to have the sun, or main source of light, behind you, the photographer. That way, it’s not behind the subject, causing the subject’s face to be in the shadows if they are lit from behind. Let the flash be on automatic if you’re not an expert. The camera can tell when there is enough light. A flash is only good up to about 10 feet, so don’t expect to light a group shot with a flash if you’re farther away than that.

Multiple Shots. If your camera has a “burst” feature, use it sometimes, especially during posed shots, because the right shot with nobody blinking or frowning might be the third in a rapid sequence. Especially with kids, the burst feature can be a picture saver. If you don’t have burst, be sure to take a bunch of shots quickly yourself before moving on to the next picture.