Spoolster Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1)  What is Spoolster.com ? What is it so different from other website ?

 At Spoolster.com we pride ourselves as the only platform that promotes Lifestyle interfaces, just like our everyday real life. Users can message, chat and screen sharing with their friends or make new ones, and can also Organize their own Groups and Events according to their interest and invite friends or even strangers to join, depending on their privacy settings either as "Private" or as "Public".

2) How do I set my privacy that allows just friends to join ? (Friends Section)

Our system is User friendly as long as you have been using a computer for quite a while. Everyone,  once getting used to it will be able to set their own Privacy level. Best of all each Privacy settings is built into different sections. Example : if you have a Public event and wants to invite the public, you can do so in our Event Section, but all other sections to remain "Private".

Also, like other Social Media platform, we understand User's need to prevent undesirable people from being in their Friends circle, that is why Users are able to "Block" people that they no longer wants to be associated with.

However, we would like to stress to Users that they excercise their own due diligence when accepting friends in our website and follow our Users Terms & Conditions strictly.

3) How does the Event Section works ? Do I have to pay to publish my Event ? (Event Section)

Our Event Section as mention in point (2), allows Users to choose their posting in "Private" or in "Public".  

Also, our unique platform works in 3 concept, (1) Private Events, (2) Free Public Events & (3) Public Paying Events.such events e.g. F1 Race, Concert, Shows etc., we do collect a 10% of the ticket fees from the Organisers, this is to enable smooth transactions between our Users & the Event Organisers and at the same time abuse of our system.

Private Events - can be wedding, birthday, baby showering and Company dinner and dance etc. These events is up to the User to select who can see the event posting, i.e. only to those in their circle of friends.

Free Public Events - we do not charge any administration fees because we want to contribute our part for social responsibilities via our online publishing of such social beneficial evnets.

Public Paying Events - However, if the event organiser is charging a fee or has ticketing charges, Spoolster will charge 10% of each ticket value booked via our website to the event organisers, this is to ensure email notifications, booking confirmation &  smooth transactions between our Users & the Event Organisers and to prevent the abuse of our system.

Example : Restaurant Set Dinner Promotion, Health & Spa Packages, Concerts and Sports events, to name a few.

4) Do I have to restrict my Event listing to only my Home Region ? (Event Section)

Absolutely not. All event posting is up to Users own discretion, if a User e.g. resides in the Philippines, but wants to post an event whether private or public he/she can do so, the point to note is - will the Event attracts any participants ?

5)  How does Spoolster Travel Section works ? (Travel Section)

Our Travel Section is a affiliate program that we have tie in with www.wego.com, this is to allow Users to access multiple Flight and Hotel best deal packages with just a click of the mouse. Users can search for not only the Best Hotel Packages available, but also the Cheapest Flight that is on offer by various airlines.

All bookings will be re-directed to Wego.com system site, and payment is made to them and not to Spoolster.com. Users are strongly encouraged to read the third party Terms & Conditions and their Privacy Policy before making any transaction. Spoolster.com will not assume any responsibilities of any transaction made between the Users and our third party affiliates.

6) How do I register as Buyer on Spoolster.com ?

Unlike other sites, our system automatically allows you to browse and purchase products in our Shop and Auction sections. Users do not have to key in their email accounts all over again when they decided to become Buyer in our Shop and Auction Sections.

However, upon checking out with their Shopping cart, Users/Buyers still have to input their banking or Paypal details in order for the transaction to be processed.

All payments to Paypal will be held by Paypal.com until we register a successful transaction between Buyer and Merchant. Only then, we would request for payment from Paypal and then remit whatever amount payable to the Merchant after deducting our Administration Fees and/or other fees.

Therefore, Buyer will have two levels of Purchase Protection - 1. Spoolster check and review on transaction, 2. Paypal Purchase Protection.

7) Can I purchase a product and then want it to be delivered to another place ?

Spoolster.com will capture by default the address that User(s) have input during their User Registration process as the shipping address to our Registered Merchants. Which is why we encourage User to input their correct address during registeration.

However, when at the checkout link, Users are again reminded of their shipping address again. This is to prevent any dispute due to delivery to wrong address between the Buyer and the Merchant.

If you want to change your shipping address for this instant, please input the intended address here instead.

8) Can I, as a Registered User, be the Merchant of Spoolster.com ?

Definitely. As long as you have legitimate products available for sale, we welcome anyone to register as Merchants. However, Merchants have to register a Merchant account before able to list their products in Spoolster Shop Section for sale.

Merchants are required to fill in a different sets of forms and upload a scan copy of their Identification documents and/or incorporation of company, if any, banking details or bank statement. Scan copy of these documents are to ensure that 1) we are able to process payment to Merchant, 2) legally liable for any fraudulent transactions as required by the country's governing laws, 3) in the event that there is any dispute between Buyer and Merchant, any course of action that can be taken.

Upon successful verification by our administrator, on the validity of the Merchants account, Merchant will be able to activate their Seller's Dashboard and start selling !! And all listing of products is free.

9) How does Spoolster's Auction Section work ?

Our Auction Section is different from our Shop Section as we do not want any duplication of products showing in both sections. Thus, we only allow used or second-hand products to be posted in our Auction Section.

Registered Users will be limited on the expiry time of the Auction products from a minimum of 1 day up to a maximum of 3 days. After the expiry of the Auction posting, if no award is given, Users have to re-post again. This will prevent abuse of our system by Users and to weed out fraudulent products.

10) Why does Spoolster restrict the time limit of any Auction products ?

As explained above in point (9), we restrict our Registered Users from duplicating their products availability in both our Shop and Auction section. In simpler words, our Auction Section is basically a platform for Users to sell away those products that they no longer needed. As the saying goes - "Someone's rubbish is another one's treasure."

Also the Auction expiry time is to enable easy monitoring by the "Seller" with regards to his own time schedule. He / She can set the time when is the most convenient to close the Auction.

11) How can I get selected by Spoolster to join as a affiliate Blogger ?

At Spoolster.com, we strive to let Registered Users to have a whole new experience when in our site, and at the same time the possibility to make some income. Our Affiliate Bloggers' programme is thus structured to work along these line.

We have strict & stringent rules when selecting Accredited Bloggers to be our Affiliate simply because they represent us, as well as we represent them. Bloggers who think they have what it takes to be our affiliates, are encouraged to provide their blog link (if any), or write to us : admin@spoolster.com.

Once accepted into our Affiliate Bloggers Programme, we will look for Advertisers / Sponsors for our Bloggers. We will also share our advertising revenue with our Bloggers according to their area of blog category, if the advertisers required their blogging services. Contact us for more details.

12) Why does Spoolster.com has a Forum Section ?

Our Forum Section is a preventive and deterrence measure for rogue Merchants / Sellers. Any Merchant or Seller that has been detected by our Registered Users are strongly encouraged to post their bad experiences in our Forum - beside, of course, informing our administrator.

This will act as a deterrence to our Merchants / Sellers to strive for 100% service attitude in order to be successful. Users are also encouraged to foster stronger comradeship, other than sharing of current affairs / news etc.

13) What is Spoolster's Music Section so different from other Music download website ?

At Spoolster.com we value talents - whether you are Musician, Writer / Bloggers, individually or businesses, we want to help.

Our Music Section is specially created for independent Musician and Artiste to showcase their talents. Anyone has the opportunity to do so. Successful Artiste will be rewarded monetarily if Registered Users download their songs using their accumulated "Music Points". Hugely successful Artiste may even be offered a recording contract by our management. (For more details, go to : Music Section FAQ ).

14) Do I have to pay for Classified Posting ?

No, Registered Users do not have to pay for their Classified Ads posting. We created this section to let our Users have an avenue to post their own ads without any fees payable. However, only Registered Users are allowed to post in order to prevent abusing of entitlement.

*Above statement is subject to changes by the Management of Spoolster Group Pte Ltd without any prior requirement to notify the public of any changes.