Prohibited item

Spoolster Prohibited & Restricted Items For Sale
The following goods are strictly prohibited for sale in Shop & Auction Section. We reserves all rights to cancel, suspend any advertisement for such goods or take necessary actions at our disposal without your consent, to claim any liabilities against the Merchant, if any, that may incurred due to such posting or sales.
S/N Prohibited & Restricted Items
1      False or Misleading Items,
2      Items having equivalent effect to defamation or credit damage made by such methods,
3      Stolen, lost items, forged or items that are suspected of fraud,
4      Items infringing on others' rights - intellectual property rights, trademark rights, copyrights etc,
5      Adult Items, illegally copied games, films or  records etc,
6      Legally prohibited items that is for sale in the country of the Buyers and Merchants, such as weaponry, drugs, legally controlled substances etc.,
7      Items against other applicable laws.
* Please refer to User Conditions & Merchant Conditions for other details.