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The following describes the terms on which Spoolster Group Pte Ltd and its Representative for Domain Owner of offers you access to our services.


Welcome to  By clicking on the “I Accept”, “Submit”, “Login” or similar button of the website at or checking the “I Accept” or similar box at the end of the Account registration process or when logging in to your Account, using the website including its related, sub-domain and affiliate sites, services and tools (Termed the "Website"), you agree to the following terms, including those available by hyperlink, with Spoolster Group Pte Ltd and its affiliates (together "Spoolster Group" or the "Company"), and the general principles for this Website and will be bound by these User Terms and Conditions (“User Conditions”) as well as the Website Terms And Conditions (“Website Conditions”) which are hereby incorporated by reference into these User  Conditions, including without limitation, the representations set out in Clause 1.1 of the Website Conditions. In the event of any conflict, inconsistency or ambiguity between these User Conditions and the Website Conditions, these User Conditions shall govern and take precedence over the Website Conditions:

1. Agreement

1.1   You hereby represent and warrant that :

1.1.1   you have read and agreed to these Website conditions and our Privacy Policy ;

1.1.2  you are at least 18 years old and have the necessary legal capacity, right, power and authority to agree to these Website   Conditions and you are either ;  accessing this Website, using the Services and contracting in your own personal capacity; or accessing this Website, using the Services and contracting on behalf of a corporate entity;  or contracting as parent or guardian of a child or ward who is less than 18 years old and who is accessing this Website and using    

the Services, in which event you agreed as his/her parent/guardian, both in your personal capacity and on behalf of your child/ward, to be bound by these Website Conditions and be liable for your child's/ward's actions and posting while accessing the Website and/or using the Services. You also agreed to ensure that your child/ward observes these Website Conditions ;

1.1.3  You are authorized to bind by yourself or on behalf of your corporate entity on whose you are contracting to, and such entity agrees to be bound by these Website Conditions stipulated herein; and

1.1.4  all of the information provided by you to the Company, including personal particulars and contact information is accurate and complete without limitation.

1.2  The Company reserves the right to change, modify, suspend or discontinue the full or any portion of the Services or Website at any time without any notice or liability. The Company may imposed limits on certain features or even restrict your access to parts or
the entire Services in the event of infringement of the Company's Terms of Services stated herein.

1.3  The Company may from time to time amend, change or modify these Website Conditions by posting the amended Website Conditions at this link. Any continual use of the Services after the amendment of the Website Conditions are deem to be the full acceptance of the amended conditions by you. However, if you do not agree to the amended Website Conditions, you have the full right to terminate/close your Account and/or ceased the usage of the Services.

1.4  Public Areas. We provide areas in our Website that allows Registered Users to publicly post information, photos, reviews, comments etc., about yourself, and to communicate with others such as our forum, blogs, reviews panel, and / or submit media content. You may also use our Screen Sharing, messaging, ticketing system to communicate with other registered Users. This information may be accessible to other Users, consumers, companies and may appear on other website or web searches, and therefore could be available to be read, collected, and used by others. Therefore, Users are reminded to use his / her own discretion when posting personally sensitive information, such as e-mails, contacts etc., as the Company will have no control over who read your postings or what others may do with the information that you have voluntarily post. Thus, User(s) are reminded to observe caution when posting any personal information. Nevertheless, we do obtain consent from our Users to post their name along with their reviews, comments, blogs and/or forum.

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This Website Conditions is effective on August 01, 2013 for current users, and immediately upon acceptance by new users.

Website Conditions Updates

This Website Conditions is updated on August 22, 2013.